Live-action Videotaped Lessons

Live-action videotaped lessons are now available taught by text author, Dr. Joey Hajda.

These videos are licensed for viewing by one family for an unlimited period of time. You may watch with your child now and then access later for upcoming family members.   Co-op licensing is also available for one-year periods of time.  Contact us if you have questions regarding licensing.

The videos are hosted on our own private website.  Once purchased, you will be provided with a login and password for access.    Let us know if you have questions about this opportunity for your family.  

Preview four complete lessons (including a dissection video) below!  Find video license ordering information on our Order page.

Review of Friendly Biology Videos

"Since adding the video version of the text to our study of Friendly Biology, I have seen a remarkable increase in my student’s retention of the material. This feature of Friendly Biology is a real plus for auditory learners and with the authors pointing out the facts and terms and what they mean or do, it really draws their attention to them. The motion of the pointer and moving things around really helps get things locked in for them. The dissections are super......... it was just like when our vet did a C section on one of our cows and gave me an anatomy lesson during the procedure including the layers of muscles, organs and then how he sewed the cow back up again. Very professional!”   Shared by a Homeschooling Mom from Wisconsin.

"We love love love the Friendly Biology videos. We bought them for next year, but my son couldn't wait, so we started early!! Can't wait to see the Chemistry ones!!”  Homeschooling family.