Friendly Biology

By Joey Hajda DVM MEd and Lisa B. Hajda MEd

Friendly Biology opens the world of biology to high school students in a gentle, non-intimidating manner. Students are led through meaningful, well-written lessons and lab activities with the goal of attaining a greater respect for the beauty and complexity of living things.

Topics covered include:
Characteristics common to all living things
Basic chemistry as it pertains to living things
The roles of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids in living systems
Mitosis and meiosis
Chromosome duplication and protein synthesis
The importance of pH in living systems
Methods of reproduction
Mendelian genetics
A survey of members of each kingdom of living things with emphasis placed on various classes and orders of importance;
An overview of all body systems of humans and
Ecology of living things.

464 pages; 28 lessons        ISBN:  9781544223681

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